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Our customized wood floors

Our custom-made wooden floors contain all the knowledge of Laguna Superfici craftsmen. From the study of a durable and guaranteed structure over time to the inimitable design we have created unique parquet floors in the various proposals of format, processing and surface finish. In the various design proposals, our range of made-to-measure parquet is divided between the laying of the Tavolati floors with the classic but timeless Herringbone, passing through the unique geometries of our Quadrotta patterns. Thanks to the complete customization of the materials, your every idea will take shape.

The “Tavolati Floors”

The artisan experience makes our proposal of wooden plank floors complete both in size and in infinite custom finishes. The resistant structure over time, allows our floor to be installed in all areas of the house starting from the 10mm thick planks suitable for renovations to get to the customizable wide boards up to 400mm wide and mixable in laying in various widths to create unique textures . The skill and precision in hand painting, our workhorse, makes it possible to satisfy even the most demanding requests in addition to the over 60 models already present in our color palette divided between Natural, Tinti and Nobili.


The experience in over 50 years of hand varnishing of oak and other noble woods that we work with, with unique finishes that maintain their natural essence. From the warm varnishes to the water-based finishes that keep the color of the raw wood unchanged, the wooden floors of the Naturali selection are ideal for those looking for a durable parquet, where wear is not noticeable and makes it even more beautiful for those who love the true essence of matter.


A selection of over 60 tinted finishes that give a touch of liveliness, applicable to all our sizes of wooden flooring. The complete customization, even in varnishing opacity, makes our service suitable for the most demanding requests, such as in the case of choosing shades in the combinations of multiple materials.


This selection is a unique design of wood floors; The Patine Nobili are in fact models created with our special “rough cut” processing, the reproduction of the floor of the past, with knots, open cracks and irregularities of the rough boards, but with a strong and stable structure, the same that identifies our range of parquet.


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Herringbone Floors

Herringbone floors are the emblem of Italian parquet. In their 3 installation angles, both the length and width of the planks are adaptable based on your request. The quality and variety of the finishing choice also make this installation design comparable to any interior, from classic to contemporary.

HERRINGBONE CLASSICAL 90 °: it is recreated thanks to the combination of rectangular elements of equal size that are arranged in parallel rows at 90 ° to each other, where the head of a strip matches the side of the other.

CHEVRON 45 ° / 60 °: also called herringbone , it is recreated thanks to the combination of elements of the same size in laying whose heads, or short sides, are cut with an inclination of 45 ° or 60 ° and positioned “head to head” to create a defined angle.


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Quadrotte Pattern

Precious craftsmanship makes your wooden floor even more refined. The artisan experience in creating refined artistic decorations, composing Quadrotta Parquets by hand with great skill and precision, transforms these geometric shapes into lively emotions. The wide range of tailored finishes makes our Squares perfect in classic fine furnishings, such as in the majestic period villas.

By making the artisanal touch our trademark , we give our customers, both professional and private, the opportunity to create their own custom tile. Thanks to our internal staff that directly develops the geometric designs, creativity has no limit; with the hand finish that can be customized down to the smallest details, the tiles will also become a tailored suit for your projects.

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The oak wood, also called oak, is unique and unmistakable thanks to the striped and flamed veining with a color tending to light yellow. Compared to the American, which is more red, in its natural color it is perfectly suited to any design, modern or not; its particular resistance also makes it perfect for parquet use. Our production philosophy that puts product quality first, from structure to hand finishing, respects all the certifications that identify it worldwide for its value. The wide choice of boards and combinations of the finish make the oak flooring versatile and 100% customizable.


The National Walnut floor, that is European or white walnut, is a very precious wood, among the best ever for quality, ease of processing and resistance. Their timber has good mechanical strength and medium-high stability. The color can go from light brown to dark brown and tends to darken further with the passage of time. For many years it has been considered a classic, and this has given us inspiration to create a new face. Thanks to the quality of its unmistakable ventures and chromatic variations, we can place the walnut floor among the most modern styles of luxury settings. The handmade finish we have studied allows to maintain the transparency of the material and with water-based paints the National Walnut flooring is natural and fragrant like the freshly cut raw wood.


Chestnut is a precious, light and resistant wood. A semi-hard essence with a dense grain, not easy to work, used for its marked resistance to humidity and liquids, which allows it not to be easily damaged or worn, as well as durability and comfort, in interior furnishings . Unique in its reagent finishes, which highlight the tannin contained inside, natural chestnut wood is combined with typical materials of modern furnishings such as steel.


American cherry is a wood with natural characteristics tending to brown / dark red. The more regular and knot-free structure makes it preferable to the European one in the construction of wooden floors. Despite being out of fashion in recent years, its grain remains in the luxury furnishings both on the floor and for the creation of classic style furniture.


The doussié in its natural color ranges from brown, to reddish, or even light yellow. Its veins, at first glance contrasting, tend to conform with natural oxidation. This wood comes exclusively from the forests of Central and Western Africa and is characterized by a hard and very resistant fiber, which makes it a good solution for the construction of parquet. However, given its shades, it is difficult to combine with modern furnishings.


The Wenge is an hard and compact wood with a very dark natural color and a more or less marked yellow / purple vein from table to table. Coming exclusively from the areas of Central Africa, it has good resistance to humidity thanks to its compact fiber and for this reason it presents itself as a wood that is not easy to work with. Used throughout the furniture sector, it is suitable for a minimal design and is easily recognizable for its external appearance.