I Nobili

I “Nobili” are the models with the special “Raw Cut” treatment.?This process is the result of the passion for this unique natural material, which reigns alive in our homes. As in the ancient Venetian villas, the wooden floors with the raw cut feature the irregularities of the knots and the cracks of the freshly cut trunk. During the drying process of the boards these irregularities are even more prominent, creating a precious texture with the signs of the band saw used to cut the logs. From the first cutting of the planks they are dried and, through a cleaning treatment of knots and cracks, they are then varnished by hand, thus being protected even in the deepest cavities. Our paints ensure that the wood remains the protagonist of the interiors in your home, and this unique work stand out for its precious value. Optional processing for this floor is the low-relief hand grouting that seals knots and cracks at the request of the customer, leaving however the irregularities of the material.

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