MADE BY HANDS, from project to product


Our wooden floors and coverings are the result of experience and professionalism certified to the third generation; a fundamental combination for the creation of an innovative, elegant and refined product. Our strength lies in the quality of the natural materials used and the highly resistant structure, which allows you to safely install it in your entire home, ranging from over 60 surface finishes, hand-modeled and finished by our craftsmen with the best 100% certified Italian paints, which distinguish LegnoSystem products for their resistance over time. Our wood products are ideal to give space to your desire to create; from wooden floors to custom wall and staircase cladding, each surface is custom-made from design to installation. Let us bring you into this natural journey, where our wood craftsmen will create your custom projects.

Product Categories


The artisan quality made in Laguna is recognized throughout the line of wooden floors. In our company the quality standard is one and unique; this means that all the production of wooden floors is based on a single certified construction structure that identifies our products in the market. From the Planks to the Herringbone variants, passing through the refined Quadrotta Patterns, we try to give the artisan imprint that still reigns in our company, enhancing your wooden floor in what we can do best: customize.




A wide selection of step coverings and self-supporting stairs complete our service. In fact, thanks to its production site with advanced woodworking machinery, Laguna Superfici produces customized staircases and complex projects, developing a direct and professional relationship with its customers from the technical drawing. Thanks to internal production, customization can be linked to the wooden floor both in the choice of essences and sample finishes.




Bring the nature in every surface of your home. Create your wall and ceiling geometries with Laguna support and make the interior spaces unique. In addition to the various wall solutions of many sizes, our craftsmen will create special tailored finishes for the interior design of your home, that will acquire an inimitable character that only nature can offer.