The Model Gardena is a particular finishing characterized by an handmade treatment which brings out the natural shades of the European White Oak wood. The plank’s surface shows the irregularities of the first cut of the wood boards, with open knots and cracks and the result is a precious finishing emblem of the antique Venetian Oak flooring.

  • European white Oak
  • Brushed, accurately knots hand cleaning, hand varnished
  • Effect: warm natural

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  • Choose your plank's dimension between 5 new sizes available for your home or create your own pattern by selecting the Mix of boards you like.
  • AB: Straight and flamed fiber. SELECTION: Straight and flamed fiber with Small knots. NATURE: Straight and flamed fiber with of filled knots.
  • Select your custom surface working. Choose from Antique effect, Raw cut, Aged Effect, Saw cut, Hand planing, Brushing.
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  • Additional Anti-scratch layer to increase the surface protection - Ideal for commercial and restaurants.