Cleaning & Maintenance


Discover all the Laguna branded products for cleaning your floor. When you start living in your home it is important to use the right products, which is why we have created for you high quality products dedicated to every need, clearly 100% Made in Italy.

Laguna Cleaner Star is an intensive multi-purpose cleaner suitable for cleaning painted wooden floors. Thanks to its composition, it acts very well even on PVC, linoleum, melamine, marble, resin, etc. floors, removing dirt, de-coals and various signs without leaving halos and pleasantly perfuming the environment. Legnosystem Cleaner Star is a neutral detergent admixed with special nanoparticles that guarantee the treated surfaces intensive cleaning and prolonged in time, even in the presence of pets.

Laguna Polish WT is a water-reviving wax for the maintenance of painted wooden floors. Thanks to its composition, it also acts very effectively on rubber, vinyl, linoleum, marble, resin, etc. floors. (it is not suitable for unpainted wood and absorbent building materials). The product gives the floor good anti-static characteristics. It nourishes, regenerates and pleasantly perfumes the environment.

Laguna Freshen up is a refreshing water for intensive maintenance of painted wood floors and resin floors treated with water-based finishes. Its formula renews, protects and restores dull, damaged or abraded floors. Specifically formulated without matting agents or waxes, it gives a new look to any old and ruined floor and allows the application of future layers of paint. Gives a matt effect to the floor.