Story of an endless passion

Laguna Superfici was born in 1973 in a small town near Venice, where Antonio Pegoraro, after years of experience in the sector, created his first carpentry workshop for the production of wooden furniture. The long experience in solid wood processing handed down over the years to his son and grandchildren leads the company to develop important collaborations with renowned Italian furniture brands and architectural firms all over the world. The artisan approach has always remained a fixed point despite the company’s development having brought about innovations and improvements in machinery, which is why even today many production phases are carried out by hand, where careful quality control is for us synonymous with guarantee over the years. The vision handed down over the years has always been to work with 100% natural materials, making them unique in style and shapes; even today, after almost 50 years, we try to instill in our customers the unique emotion of touching and breathing real wood without altering its noble value.


The main mission of the company will be the care of the relationship with the customers, where personalization will have a fundamental role. Both professionals and private customers will have the opportunity to collaborate in creating unique interiors with our the tailored service.


The structure gets a new suite; the office area acquires a new image with the application of the furnishings and coverings produced by the artisans directly in the company. A completely new Showroom is also created to welcome clients and professionals who need professional advice to give life to their ideas.


The company has invested in new machinery and in the training of new skilled artisans for the creation of finishes that will distinguish the brand in subsequent years. With a new production site of over 4000 square meters, LegnoSystem specializes in the production of customized high-quality wooden floors and coverings, taking care of the customer relationship with greater attention.


The evolution in the field of design leads to the introduction of new machinery and production systems, but the artisanal approach always remains the company key that makes LegnoSystem grow in the market. Since the end of the twentieth century, in fact, the brand will be recognized for the high quality of its furnitures in solid wood.


These are the years in which the company began its collaboration with some elite brands in the Italian furniture scene. The quality and precision of the workmanship become the focal point of the artisans, to which more and more companies refer.


LegnoSystem was born in 1973 in a small town near Venice. The idea of two partners who wanted to specialize in creating solid wood furniture, the company takes its shape.


Over the years we have specialized in processing a selection of wood essences, from the most historical representations of our land to others from all over the world. The experience that allows us to satisfy every single request directly within our company, comes from an infinite passion for design and nature. We create your wooden floor starting from rough planks, which we have been working on for over 40 years with over 60 customizable finishes by hand.


Wood Floors






Years working with the nature

Collaborators around the world

Customizable Models

Our Workflow

Inside Laguna Superfici we take care of our customers from design to finishing on site. Attention selecting the raw materials makes our production a guarantee of reliability and quality.


The relationship created with the customer, a constant dialogue and a collaboration, to make your wooden floor a unique experience to live every day. We have designed a company model which puts the customization of the products in first place, and our experienced staff of artisan make the direct reference a focal point.

Consulting & Design

The relationship for us has always been a fundamental step to accompany professionals and final customers through the choice of tailor-made products for their creations.

Production & Customing

The process to create your made in Laguna floor starts from the forest, where the boards are carefully selected according to our woodland cutting regulations for environmental protection. From the dimensions, to the workings of the surface your wood crosses the production chain passing through the fundamental phase that distinguishes us, the finishing. We varnish each plank by hand with care and attention, to ensure a high quality floor.

Packaging and quality control are carried out by hand, because Laguna is keen to make the artisan chain complete for a unique and inimitable product.

Supply & Installation

Our best artisans conclude the complete service offered by Laguna Superfici. We choose the best laying method with you, in relation to the project conformity, and we give the complete guarantee of our surfaces, because for us the quality of a floor is also made by how it is installed.